In groups of 2-4, present the findings of one of your research reports in a presentation (e.g.
Power Point). You will be delivering this presentation in class, however pretend that it is made
up of your superiors from a different company location. They have asked you to undertake the
research and write the report (which is already completed). Now, you must deliver your
findings so that your superiors can make an educated decision.
Your presentation/Power Point should cover the following topics, organized by the following
mandatory slides/steps:
1) Introduction slide
2) Table of Contents slide—give us a brief overview of what you plan to discuss
3) Introduction slide: provide your audience with context. Describe the problem, its
background, and the necessity for a solution. Give your recommendations UP FRONT—let us
know what you decided and why.
4) Criteria: What 3 did you pick? How did you compare them? Why were these the most logical
selections for both?
5a) Criterion 1—the comparison, include a graphic (from the report)
5b) Criterion 2—the comparison, include a graphic (from the report)
5c) Criterion 3—the comparison, include a graphic (from the report)
6) Recommendations and Conclusions
7) Slide detailing your sources, correctly formatted in APA
8) Questions slide, and then thank the listeners.


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