M7A1: Module 7 Quiz

  1. The following example might best illustrate a form of speciesism:
  2. Both cloning and anti-cloning advocates appeal to which of the same arguments:
  3. A family who enjoys a strong bond with their pets but is also comfortable eating meat and visiting their local zoo might feel best represented by the following philosopher’s perspective on animals:
  4. A Western ethical approach that would not hold any value in Eastern or African philosophy might be:
  5. The Director of Excelsior Career Services, Maribeth Gunner Pulliam, discovered that the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 found that employers sought an employee who is detail oriented. Someone who is detailed oriented exhibits all of the following traits:
  6. An individual who believes it is wrong to eat meat because it is not exercising true compassion, sensitivity, and maturity might be employing the following ethical theory:
  7. Animal experimentation opponents contend that animal experimentation is guilty of all of the following EXCEPT:
  8. Most philosophers agree that non-human animals are:
  9. An individual who camps out in an ancient redwood tree to protest excessive logging of a forest represents a different environmental perspective than the logging industry. These two opposing viewpoints might represent the following philosophies, respectively:
  10. The ecocentric view, similar to the African and Eastern perspectives, that we are in relationship with nature, holds that the individual, atomistic view promotes: