Author James McRae compares the following character from Battlestar Galactica to the Buddha, as both aim to end suffering in the world:

A focus that is NOT an emphasis in Asian and African ethics is the notion of:

Western notion of human rights might ethically be comparable to the African notion of community:

The key component that might NOT describe African ethical values is:

The relationship between pain and suffering in Buddhist thought is:

According to some Eastern and African perspectives, securing economic development ought to come before securing:

The Director of Excelsior Career Services, Maribeth Gunner Pulliam, discovered that the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 found that employers sought teamwork skills. Teamwork skills are best described as all of the following EXCEPT:

A Western ethical approach that would not hold any value in Eastern or African philosophy might be:

Mark D. White’s article, The Tao and the Bat, present Batman, Robin and Alfred in the following Taoist equation:

The Hugging Saint, Amma, promotes the idea that it is best to: