Quiz_ M4A2_ Module 4 Quiz




Question 8
I never go out of my way for anyone; therefore, I do not have any friends
I enjoy the admiration I receive for my works of charity
I always give lavish gifts to loved ones, in part, so I can receive the same in return
I gather as many friends as I can on Facebook to feel important and popular
The following is NOT a classic example of ethical egoism:

Question 9
Sees the world as imbued with significance
Highlights difference, not unity
Dismantles meta-narratives
Maintains that beliefs in the unity of the world is a form of arrogance
The postmodern perspective includes all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 10
Provide optional accounts, rather than accurate ones
Provide accurate accounts, rather than optional ones
Subjugate people rather than emancipate them
For postmodernists like Michel Foucault, our “knowledge about the world” can do all EXCEPT:
Provide us comfort