Juan Doe was born on May 15, 1960 in Bogota, Colombia. He is currently seeking asylum in the U.S. based on his fear of persecution in Colombia.

  • His asylum application can be found on pages 259-276 of your textbook.
  • His written declaration/story of why he should be granted asylum can be found in your textbook on pages 271-276*.

You are a paralegal working at the law firm of Langley, Copeland & Best, LLP located at 519 Eastern Parkway in Weston, Florida 33751. Mr. Doe has contacted your firm for representation. Because one of the associate attorneys, Alana Harper, knows that you are taking an immigration course at National Paralegal College, she asks that you review the asylum application and the written declaration and write her an opinion letter (for review by an attorney before it is finalized, of course) stating whether Mr. Doe’s asylum application will likely be granted based on what you have learned thus far in your class about the requirements for a grant of asylum.

Based on what your opinion letter states, Alana will present the contents of the letter to the partners to see if this case is worth taking.   * Those pages are for the 3rd edition   Both of those sections are in the appendix after chapter 9 – Claiming Asylum or Protection in the United States. The entire appendix is what you need. It starts with Juan’s application on form I-589 for about 12 pages. Right after that form is his Written Declaration from Client – Declaration of Juan Doe – for about 6 pages.

Just locate that chapter and immediately after the chapter, it has its own appendix. Then, the book goes on to Chapter 10. So, it is not an “at the end of the book” appendix. It is at the end of the chapter on claiming asylum.  The first document is entitled Brief of Appeal for Administrative Appeals Office  The next one is entitled Brief in Support of Appeal .


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