M1D1 Research Expectations


This activity will address module outcome:

·         Plan primary and secondary marketing research and predict research findings. (CO1)

An entrepreneur needs to complete marketing research to be successful in all elements of marketing. Remember, this is different from market research. Marketing research involves accessing primary and secondary sources to find information about a specific market, new products, or modes of distribution.

NOTE: Throughout this course, you will complete activities and assignments designed to apply directly to a business venture of your choice. If you are starting an entrepreneurial venture or currently own a business, you are highly encouraged to apply these course assignments to your business.

After learning about primary and secondary research in this module, respond to the following:

·         Describe the entrepreneurial business venture you will use when conducting marketing research for this course.

·         Discuss your expectations for using primary research for the company. How do you plan to obtain this data? What do you expect to find?

·         Discuss your expectations for using secondary research for the company. How do you plan to gather this information? What do you anticipate discovering?

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