M2A2_ Module 2 Quiz_ HUM300_ ETHICS JUL2018 30058731 [8wk]


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The quiz gives you the opportunity to reinforce what you have learned in this module. Please review all materials before beginning. It is an open book quiz due at the end of this module. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1, 2 and 3. You are given ten (10) multiple choice questions. Please submit your answer to each question before proceeding to the next. You are allowed thirty (30) minutes to complete the quiz. If you are locked out of the quiz, please contact your instructor. Please answer the following questions, saving your answer before proceeding to the next question. Module quizzes in total account for 10% of your course grade.
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 1
Philippa Foot helped to formulate a modern version of which branch of ethics:
Deontological ethics
Virtue ethics
All of the above
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 2
An individual who opts to switch the trolley car in order to save the lives of more people, might be exercising:
Deontological ethics
Teleological ethics
Ethical Relativism
Categorical Imperative
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 3
If I decide not to throw my gum wrapper out the window, because I consider the fact that it would be a messy world if everyone littered, I am employing an ethical approach known as:
Categorical Imperative
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 4
Which philosopher proposes variations in the Trolly dilemma that could impact our decision on whether or not to actively switch tracks:
Judith Jarvis Thomson
John Stuart Mill
Nel Nodding
0 / 10 ptsQ uestion 5Incorrect Incorrect
If an individual refuses to tell a lie in order to help convict a known serial killer, who would otherwise go free, that person might be exercising an ethical approach known as:
Female ethics
Deontological ethics
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 6
Superheroes/Superheroines most often employ this approach to their ethical decision making:
Act Utilitarianism
Rule Utilitarianism
Ethical Relativism
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 7
Philosopher Philippa Foot would probably not be in agreement with the ethical philosophy of:
Hannah Arendt
Nel Nodding
Immanuel Kant
10 / 10 ptsQ uestion 8
If I save a child’s life with the intention of getting acknowledgement and rewards from my community, it is still a moral act according to the:
Virtue ethicists
0 / 10 ptsQ uestion 9Incorrect Incorrect
If a group of ten friends go out for a night on the town, and half of them want to attend the opera and the other half would like to go to a sports bar, Mill would suggest that they:
Go to the opera
Go to the sports bar
Stay home instead
Toss a coin
0 / 10 ptsQ uestion 10Incorrect Incorrect
A convincing example to illustrate why utilitarianism is not always the best ethical choice would be the legality of:
Women’s rights