On October 20 2010, a young woman named Jamie came to me. The first phrase that she uttered to me was, “I need help” (Video, 1‘33‘’). Jamie had not been referred to me by anyone; it was her independent decision to seek for help from a therapist. She seemed to be exhausted and her eyes were red. I strongly felt that by coming to me, Jamie had seen it as the last option to finding a rest to her problems. Since it was her first time to visit a therapist, I tried to make her feel comfortable and protected. Furthermore, I emphasized on the confidentiality so that she could open her heart to me. From my past experiences, most of the clients generally feel uneasy to reveal themselves to me during first few sessions. However, Jamie was different- she disclosed herself to me on the first session, which I perceived as her dire dedication to finding solutions to her problems as quick as she could…..BUY THIS ASSIGNMENT