Which of the following statements best describes the benefit of gathering background information after you have a specific research topic in mind?

Once you have identified the key concepts of a topic or research question and thought of additional keywords (synonyms or related terms), the next step is to use a combination of key concepts and keywords to develop a __________.

Which is a vital component of effective search statements that allows you to combine search terms to broaden or narrow your search?

Which is an example of a search statement correctly using the advanced searching technique nesting?

Which advanced searching technique is correctly used in the search statement: toddler AND “Montessori school”

The production and use of __________ is typically cyclical.

A scientist generating data based on observations of the life cycle of a butterfly and a college student writing a critique of a work of art are both examples of:

The most common types of information you will encounter when doing academic research are __________.

Which of the following best describes the difference between primary and secondary sources?

Your instructor told you that one of your selected sources listed below is not a secondary source. Which of these sources will you have to replace?

Your instructor told you that one of your selected sources listed below is not a primary source. Which of these sources will you have to replace?

Which of the following statements best describes academic libraries? Academic libraries:

The following statements describe government depository libraries, except:

Which of the following statements best describes public libraries? Public libraries:

Which library research databases include information about articles published in magazines, journals, and newspapers?

You need to locate an article that (1) is published by a university or professional association, (2) is authored by clearly defined experts with significant knowledge in the subject area, or scholars and/or researchers, and (3) includes a bibliography. Which source would best meet your needs?

Choose which article title would most likely be described by the database subject headings victims of famine, Ireland, history.

Once you have (1) performed a search in a database, (2) reviewed the list of results, and (3) evaluated a specific source from the results list, what is the next step?

For your research paper on the history of Maui, you locate a source covering the overall history of the Hawaiian Islands. As you evaluate the source, however, you decide not to use it in your research because it never mentions Maui. This significant omission of information falls under what criterion for evaluating resources?

Which of the following statements about when to cite sources is true?

Most citation styles require similar elements (e.g., author, publication date, title, etc.) to be included in the citation, no matter if you are using MLA style, APA style, or Chicago style.

Applying evaluation criteria for web sources, which of the following seems most appropriate to use in your research on genetically modified foods?

Which of the following search statements would be most likely to retrieve relevant articles on the topic of the health risks of genetically modified foods for children with food allergies?

You have found a journal article that analyzes recent trends in genetically engineered crop

research. This article would be considered which type of information?

After searching for information on your topic in the library catalog, web search tools, and library databases, you have still not found enough material on your topic. What should you do next?

You have found the following database record when searching for articles on your research topic. Use it to answer the next two questions.

Which of the following is a subject heading for this article?

You have found the following journal article citation in the library database Academic

Search Complete.

Which of the following citations is the correct MLA format for an academic journal article

from a library database?

You need to find a scholarly article on the laws and regulations governing genetically modified organisms. Based on the citation information (to help determine if it is scholarly) and article abstract (to help determine if it is relevant) below, this article is__________.