Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe
Please read the instructions carefully.
A new client of yours, Lilly Waters wants to open an ice cream shop near the downtown
shopping center. She will sell ice cream cones or in a cup, shakes, sundaes, and soda.
Her grand opening will be September 30, 2020. The name of her business is Sprinkles!
You, as an independent consultant, have been hired to develop a cash pro forma budget for
her business venture (note: this is a spreadsheet that helps forecast income and expenses
over a period of time). It used to plan for and manage the business if done correctly.
Using Microsoft Excel, construct a monthly proforma cash budget for your client for the first
year of operations.
Use the file attached Excel Template – “
Sprinkles” as your starting point. Download and use
this file as the basis for your assignment.
Do not make any changes to this pre-defined
template items (this means start with the items that already included and that are
expected in the spreadsheet). You may add your information to the existing sheets. You
may add extra worksheets as needed as well update the template.
Do not use a template from a previous semester
– this is academic dishonesty and will be
subject to disciplinary action.
Place the finished cash pro forma on a worksheet labeled “Cash ProForma“.
Place all your case assumptions data on a separate worksheet. Label the worksheet
Assumptions” (note: each piece of data must appear in its own cell on the
Assumption sheet).
Place your start-up costs on a third worksheet labeled “Startup Costs
Create two additional worksheets for your recommendations. You will choose 2 of the 3
recommendations defined at the end of this document. Label one worksheet “
Desserts” (this will include: Banana Splits, Double Delight Brownie Fudge and Molten
Lava Spectacular), or “Ice Cream Cakes” or Iced Coffee.
Appropriate Charts (graphs): You will be creating two separate charts so create and
label two additional worksheets for the charts (each chart will be in its own worksheet).



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